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We are dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love of learning in every child. Our curriculum is designed to nurture the whole child, meeting the needs of every student, while fostering an appreciation of the diversity of cultures and global citizens. We seek to instill respect for the environment while inspiring creative expression and critical thinking. Our mission is for our children to become independent, lifelong learners.

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Programs at Mku-Beverly Ma in Beverly, MA

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Infants (6 weeks-12 mo.)

From birth, children are unconsciously learning about themselves and their environment. Maria Montessori called this part of the Absorbent Mind, “the unconscious learner”. At Montessori Kids Universe, we honor this segment of time in a child’s life by creating an enriching, engaging, and purposeful experience for even the smallest of our students. We believe that play is the work of a child. This work should be purposeful and approachable for each student. Sometimes, the child’s work is holding their own bottle, walking, changing their shirt, or practicing their writing. Knowing that children do not develop or learn at the same rate, in the same style, it is imperative that the child’s environment is prepared for them as an individual.

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Toddlers (12 mo.-24 mo.)

“Help me help myself” is one of the most quoted phrases from Maria Montessori and it means just that – help the child to a point where they can then help themselves. This sort of independence is heavily implemented throughout Montessori Kids Universe Toddler classrooms in addition to a well-rounded introduction to academic materials. Maria Montessori focused on the “Needs and Tendencies” of man while forming her Montessori pedagogy and believed that if a child’s environment meets the ability to carry out these human needs and tendencies – they will be more successful and productive as citizens in society.

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Pre-Primary (2 years -3 years)

The three-year cycle of students can be referred to as “novice, intermediate, and mentor” – this creates a communal feeling in the classroom and prevents children from being “left behind” and “pushed forward”. Because toddler-aged children are rapidly growing and their independence levels are so varied, some MKU locations offer a Pre-Primary environment for toddlers who are transitioning from the infant/toddler stage to the toddler/Primary stage.

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