About us


There are dozens of platforms today that offer siloed solutions for either businesses or for the parents. However, there is no solution on the market today that offers a singular platform that gives to the parents a way to find, book and stay connected to all of their children's activities, and communicate to other parents, while offering the businesses a way to engage parents, grow their community and simplify their back-office operations.

BeAKid is the only marketplace today that offers a two-sided solution to over 73 Million kids and their parents as well as over 400 Thousand service providers nationwide.

Investment and Partnership Opportunities

Our mission is to make parenting easier. If you share our vision and have ideas for partnership or are looking to talk to us about investment opportunities, contact our CEO: Daniel Barenboym. We are looking forward to speaking with you and learning more about your business and your vision.



Daniel Barenboym
CEO & Founder

A lifelong entrepreneur. An immigrant from the former Soviet Union, a husband and a father of 3 kids. Ran a STEM company providing education for multiple schools and thousands of kids.

Dmitriy Akinshin

Azerbaijan Technical University, Bachelor's degree, Automation and computer technologies, 2001; Master's degree, Automation and information technologies, 2003.

Denis Burkatsky
Head of Growth
Serial entrepreneur. 10 years in Education. Technical background. Product and Marketing skills. Musician, passionate eternal learner, productivity evangelist.
Marina Panahova
Customer Success Representative

BA in Administrative management, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. Passionate about education, healthy life, and traveling. Mother of a wonderful and creative child.

Val Nesterov
Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software engineer with a passion for frontend development. Have more than 10 years of experience in development and consulted well-known companies. A big fan of modern technologies, beer, and skateboarding.

Alexey Makarov
Frontend developer

Fast-growing frontend developer. Involved in web programming already for more than 3 years and never give up on challenges. One of my best perks - achieve goals no matter what. In love with computers, technologies, music, guitar, skateboarding, snowboarding, yachting, motorcycling, sport-paintball and my car.

Anna Kuznetsova
Customer Success Representative

I got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Russia, China, and Germany.
Passionate about backpack traveling, hockey, music, and green economy.