Class management software for after-school and summer providers

Simplicity of organizing classes for you and convenience of registration for parents

Who can work with us


Fast communication - SMS, Email & Tracking

Easy class management - create, publish and run

Memberships are easy - discounts, virtual passes

Modern parent portal - reciepts, billing and more

Integrated web widget - shopping cart checkout

Check In and Out - track student access

Manage your time.


Declutter, prioritize, zone-in. Repeat.

This is what BeAKid platform feels like

Self-Support Center

Self Service Center features incident submission, knowledge base, FAQs, as well as notification of upcoming features

24 Hour Reply Time

We will evaluate your submission within a 24 hour period, and get back to you with a resolution or a plan of action.

Advanced live chat support

Take advantage of our knowledgeable staff who can troubleshoot your issues and walk you through the resolution.

BeAKid has the marketing features

Unique pop-up
Unique pop-up
Premium tag on the card
Premium tag on the card
Experience stars
Experience stars
Premium Pin on map

Plans & Pricing

Our eCommerce platform makes it easy to offer, manage, and sell activities and memberships online.

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+ Credit Card Fees
+ Credit Card Fees
+ Credit Card Fees

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Frequently asked questions

Can we use our own credit card processor?

No. The reason is that our platform has the refund functionality built in. If you had your own processor and issued refund from the processors website directly, you financials on our system would not match and create issues when doing financial reconciliation