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Age group:3-18 y.o.
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Braids & Beard creates fun for families. Energetic activities are combined with learning opportunities to create unique, educational, and upbeat programs. For the foreseeable future, Braids & Beard/Bilingual Boogie will be on pause. I’m looking forward to a time with we can all dance, sing, learn, and be together in the future. Fit Family Fun is a chance for the whole family to get up and move! This workout blends calisthenics, high intensity interval exercises, aerobic movements, and yoga. The 45 minute class includes a warm up, variety of physical activities, and a cool down (with options to scale the intensity up or down); it is designed for all fitness levels. Caregivers and kiddos (ages 3+) can work up a sweat together and have a blast. ... Show more


  • Dance
  • Music
  • Yoga

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Braids and Beard, Barrington, NH 03825