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Age group:8-18 y.o.
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At Firefly Coders, we believe that coding is a powerful tool that can help kids express themselves to the world. Our classes are designed to help children explore the power of coding and to move them along in their journey in a fun and engaging way. With classes ranging from Scratch to Python and everything in between, our goal
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  • Coding/Programming

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Python Age 12-15
Python Age 12-15
In this course, we will utilize Python's Pygame module. This module is particularly suited to building games, which will be our gateway of choice to cementing our foundations of programming while learning new concepts.
 Scratch  Age 9-12
Scratch Age 9-12
In this class, we will develop projects with an increasing level of complexity. Since the foundations of computational thinking are now in place, we will begin to explore modularity, reusability, and composition within our code. As students take on increasingly complex challenges, their ability to break down and solve complex pr
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137 Nashaway Road, Bolton, MA, 01740