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Today, the universe of LEGO® bricks is a powerful learning tool. Children can master concepts in mathematics, science, engineering, technology, and physics. Young learners can build their own creations, develop problem-solving skills, and explore the basics of architecture. The opportunities for learning are endless and the fun is guaranteed! LEGO® bricks provide an excellent way for parents to introduce their children to the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They offer a hands-on approach to teaching that engages and motivates children while they have fun. The possibilities for creativity are endless as each unique block and piece adds to the fun and adventure.

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Programs at Bricks 4 Kidz Mauldin in Simpsonville, SC

a few young girls playing a game
Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® Building Camp

Beat the summer blues with a Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO® Building Camp! Kids between the ages of 5 and 13 can spend their vacation time learning about the worlds of engineering, animated movie-making and architecture through hands-on building fun. Under the guidance of experienced teachers, our LEGO®-based engineering summer camps give kids the chance to apply real-world STEM concepts as they build their own creations. For bonus fun, projects are often tied to popular themes like robotics, space and amusement parks.

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a group of children sitting at a table
After School Program

Kids spend their young years playing with LEGO® Bricks, stacking the blocks together to create an immersive world. Bricks 4 Kidz takes this one step further with our LEGO®-Inspired After School Program. These classes deliver play that's fun, educational and enriching for each child. We follow a six-week theme with guided instructions for kids to build a project, connect it to a motor and battery and watch their vision come to life. What better way to give kids hands-on fun while they learn practical ways to apply STEM concepts?

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a couple of boys playing with toys
In-School LEGO® Building Workshops

When you want learning to stick, you make it fun. Bricks 4 Kidz was born out of this principle, and we stick to it in every one of our LEGO®-inspired programs. An in-school LEGO® building workshop from Bricks 4 Kidz is an opportunity to open students' minds with a toy they already know and love, combining the element of fun with teaching programs that build interest in STEM fields.

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