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By definition, Kung-Fu is any skill achieved through hard work and practice. Fu-Jow Pai, tiger claw Kung-Fu, is training for the mind, body and spirit building strength and character in all ages.


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Programs at Vizzio's Institute of Martial Arts in Fairfield, NJ

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KUNG-FU for kids

Vizzio's Institute of Martial Arts has specialized in working with children since 1972. Our character building classes are fun, focused and full of positive energy! We pride ourselves in instilling moral values such as respect, honesty, integrity, discipline, focus, dedication, loyalty, courage, vitality and self cultivation. At Vizzio's every rank is earned through hard work and determination. You can work at your own speed and progress naturally. There is no rush or pressure to get to the next level! Children will build strong bonds, socialize, learn to be self sufficient and responsible.

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Basic KUNG-FU for toddlers

We understand that toddlers need a little more love and attention than a 6 year old. Sometimes the discipline and dedication required in martial arts is just too much for a toddler to understand. So, we have the perfect class. JUST FOR THEM! Toddlers aged 2 - 5 will work on their ABC's (agility, balance and coordination) in this awesome toddler sized obstacle course. We have them work alongside us in a warm up, introduce basic Chinese terminology like counting, and following directions independently. In this safe environment, we can introduce basic kicks and punches while the kids are having a great time! They don't even realize they are learning it!

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Personal Training

Vizzio's personal training is suited to your needs. Whether it is stepping up your game in the ring, losing weight, increasing your fitness level, getting toned or you just prefer not to be a part of a group class, we have a trainer for you.

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