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BEAM Fitness and Tutoring - After-School, Sports, Fitness
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BEAM Fitness and Tutoring

When it comes to our students' physical and emotional well-being, we go beyond just academic success. We believe in creating a holistic approach to student learning. Our programs provide children with the opportunity to work on physical and emotional development through physical education, music, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning. Our goal is to help each student become an independent and successful learner who is resilient and capable of adapting to everyday challenges. We believe that each child is unique and has different needs when it comes to learning. At BEAM Tutoring Services, we create individualized programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Whether it is through academic instruction, physical education, music, or mindfulness, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment where students can learn, grow, and develop the skills they need to be successful in the classroom and in life.

1-10 y.o.
Stratham, NH 03885
New Hampshire SPCA - After-School, Outdoors, Birthday, Entertainment
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New Hampshire SPCA

At Parents Magazine, we’re thrilled to provide exciting opportunities for kids to get up close and personal with animals! From afterschool clubs and camps to birthday parties, children of all ages can learn compassion and kindness for all creatures through fun and interactive experiences. At Parents Magazine, we believe that interacting with animals helps children to better understand their place in the natural world. Through our range of activities, kids can gain an appreciation for the fragility of life and discover new levels of kindness and empathy. We offer a range of programs and events that are perfect for every child. Our afterschool clubs, camps, and birthday parties are designed to be educational, interesting, and most of all, fun! Whether your child is a budding zoologist or a budding conservationist, they’ll find something to enjoy.

7-13 y.o.
Stratham, NH 03885