About us

What if there was a single site with information and reviews, ideas, offerings and events for kids that was fast, easy and safe? There is! BEAKID.com has just launched in 2012, and promises to grow with you.

We live in a wondrous age filled with technology advances, distractions, and dangers. We spend too much time in isolation, living in the past or engaged in idle chatter on our PC or smart phone. We often spin our wheels trying to meet our child's diverse needs online, when we need to be spending more quality time with them IN PERSON.

Which social network enhances family life, encourages social and community activities for kids, and lets you support grassroots, local businesses with like-minded people where you live, work, and play? None — until now. At first glace BEAKID.com may look like a cross between Facebook, yelp and Google, and we love those sites, but families need and deserve more.

Enter Beakid. Beakid thinks like you do — because it was designed by a parent. It embraces families by giving you information you need, quickly and easily, AND by allowing you to focus and filter information for family, friends and community. There is nothing else like it on the Web.


BEAKID is a user-driven, online portal that serves your family, your friends, and your community creatively, effectively, and safely.

BEAKID can facilitate mom’s networks, parenting groups, kid’s clubs, parent and teacher associations and organizations, school events, home schooling groups and much more.

To know us is to love us... BEAKID!