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At Neil Stone’s Karate Academy, we are committed to helping families achieve their fitness goals. Our instructors are passionate about guiding children and adults alike to make a positive impact on Hollis. We equip our members with the skills they need to build self-esteem, become confident leaders, and stay healthy. Our adult members can rely on us to help them gain focus, reduce stress, and stay physically fit. We strive to provide an environment that is both fun and supportive, ensuring that our members are able to achieve their fitness goals. Come and see how Neil Stone’s Karate Academy can help you. For parents, Neil Stone’s Karate Academy is the perfect place to help their children grow. Our instructors are dedicated to motivating and instructing our members to become their best selves. We believe in helping our members build confidence, increase their physical abilities, and develop a healthier lifestyle. We strive to make a positive impact on Hollis and to help our members reach their full potential. Come and see how Neil Stone’s Karate Academy can help you.

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What kind of kids we support

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Programs at Neil Stone's Karate Academy in Hollis, NH

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The Little Tiger’s program contains a detailed curriculum that is designed to assist preschool children in developing better focus and listening skills and strengthen areas such as coordination, balance, and fitness! This is all done in a fun and positive environment! Your child will also learn about teamwork through cooperative drills and interactions with our experienced team of instructors and fellow Little Tigers. Learning to get along with others and follow directions are skills that will help your child at home and as they navigate beyond the preschool years

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Neil Stone’s Karate Academy Junior Program teaches self-defense for all our students using a safe and practical discipline. We teach our students a common-sense approach to self-defense, emphasizing conflict resolution, awareness, confidence-building, and if necessary, physical application of their karate. We emphasize physical fitness, coordination, flexibility, balance, and technique to enhance motor skills and match kids’ high confidence with real, great abilities. Most important to our program is the teaching of character values: modesty, integrity, compassion, and the many other virtues of black belts. We run a character development program called, PACE (Practice Actions that Create Excellence) and work with parents to help instill the morals and skills kids need to be successful in life. Every student receives frequent, individualized attention from Sensei Stone and our staff, and we make ourselves available to help kids improve at home and school in any way possible.

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Our teen and adult programs offer a unique, comprehensive curriculum that blends traditional martial arts and self-defense with a strong focus on personal fitness and physical empowerment.

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22 Proctor Hill Road, Hollis, NH, 03049