Monmouth, Maine, is a picturesque town nestled in Kennebec County, offering a charming and family-friendly environment perfect for raising kids. With its strong sense of community and beautiful natural surroundings, Monmouth provides an ideal backdrop for children to grow and thrive. Education is highly valued in Monmouth, and the town boasts an exceptional school system. Monmouth Academy, the local high school, offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. The dedicated teachers and staff are committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters a love for learning. In addition to its excellent educational institutions, Monmouth offers various entertainment and recreational activities for families. The town is home to several parks and playgrounds, providing ample space for children to run, play, and explore. The nearby Cobbosseecontee Lake offers numerous outdoor activities such as swimming, fishing, and boating, allowing families to spend quality time together while enjoying the natural beauty of the area. Monmouth also hosts several community events throughout the year, including festivals, parades, and fairs, providing endless entertainment options for families. The Monmouth Community Players, a local theater group, showcases productions that are suitable for all ages, promoting a love for the arts among children and adults alike. Overall, Monmouth, ME, offers a safe and nurturing environment for families to raise their children. With its exceptional educational opportunities, abundance of outdoor activities, and engaging community events, Monmouth ensures that kids have access to a well-rounded upbringing filled with educational and entertainment opportunities.

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Kippewa For Girls - Camps, Overnight, Family
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Kippewa For Girls

Our camp is located in beautiful Maine on Lake Cobbosseecontee. Campers will experience the finest in overnight summer camps for girls, with a variety of activities to choose from including our equestrian camp, art camp, drama camp, dance camp, sailing camp, tennis camp and waterski camp – all rolled into one! At our camp, the possibilities are endless! We believe that each camper will make the most of her time in the outdoors, learning valuable skills and making life-long memories. Our highly trained and experienced staff are dedicated to helping each camper make the most of her camp experience.

Monmouth, ME 04259
Cobbossee - Camps, Overnight, Day, Outdoors, Playground
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. Today, Cobbossee is just as vibrant as it was when it was first founded in 1902. Its cabins, lakefront, and sports fields are just as beautiful as ever, and it remains a summer home for boys from all over the world. This camp is a place where boys can come to learn, grow, and develop a sense of camaraderie. Since 1902, Cobbossee has been a beloved summer home for boys who love sports. It is the second-oldest continually-running camp in the nation, having weathered every era since the turn of the century. In the 1930s, the camp grew from tents to wooden cabins, and set a precedent for tolerance by welcoming boys of Jewish and Latino descent. This stunning spot in Maine still serves as a refuge for boys from all over the world today. Its cabins, lakefront, and sports fields remain picturesque and inviting, providing a safe haven for the boys to learn, grow, and foster friendships. For 114 years, Cobbossee has been a summer sanctuary for boys of all backgrounds who are drawn to its rustic beauty and sports-minded spirit. It remains an unparalleled place of learning, camaraderie, and adventure that will continue to be cherished for generations to come.

8-15 y.o.
Monmouth, ME 04259