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This method of planting has been used for centuries and is still used at Wright-Locke Farm today. The Wright-Locke Farm is situated in an area with a deep Indigenous history. The Massachusett Tribe and Pawtucket people were the original inhabitants of the area and had an important relationship with the land. Contrary to colonial notions of untouched wilderness, these tribes actively stewarded the land. They burned woodlands to facilitate the growth of grass and understory plants to improve edible harvests and game hunting. The Massachusett and Pawtucket also planted crops including maize, beans, squash, Jerusalem artichokes, and tobacco in small and large fields. Agricultural practices rooted in Indigenous farming are still in use today, including natural fertilizing and companion planting. At Wright-Locke Farm, these practices are employed to maximize the benefits of the crops grown, just as the Massachusett and Pawtucket did centuries ago. Natural fertilizers such as herring are used to nourish the soil, and companion plants of corn, climbing beans, and squash are grown together to provide mutual benefits. It is only through these practices that the legacy of Indigenous farming can continue.

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
  • Kids


  • Handicap accessible
  • Infirmary
  • Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Indoor/Outdoor Playground

Programs at Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester, MA

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Farm Sprouts (Toddler and caregiver)

Our sprout program has been expanded to six weeks! We've expanded our programming to allow a deeper dive into all the farm has to offer.

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Youth Education Programs

Wright-Locke Farm’s youth education programs offer children a unique, hands-on experience learning about farming and the natural world on our historic working farm. For each child, we aim to inspire curiosity about the natural world, foster a sense of comfort in the outdoors, and develop a sense of respect for living things.

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78 Ridge Street, Winchester, MA, 01890