About Boston Fencing Club in Waltham, MA

The Boston Fencing Club Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission of making fencing more accessible in the metro-Boston area. We partner with local organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of Waltham, to introduce more young people to the sport. Our goal is to raise the funds needed to make these programs more consistent and reliable, so that students from all backgrounds can enjoy fencing and stay fit. We are dedicated to advancing the Olympic sport of fencing in the United States, and providing fencers of all abilities, ages, and skill levels with high-quality instruction and bouting opportunities. Our goal is to make the physical and financial aspects of fencing accessible to all potential athletes in the region. We also strive to develop not only athletic skills, but mental skills as well, in a safe and healthy environment. We want to use the discipline of fencing to help our athletes succeed in their academic, professional, and business lives. The Boston Fencing Club Foundation is committed to expanding the reach of fencing in the metro-Boston area. Through partnerships with local organizations, we’re introducing more young people to the sport. We’re also raising funds to make these programs more consistent and reliable for students from all backgrounds. Our mission is to advance the Olympic sport of fencing, provide high-quality instruction, and make fencing accessible to everyone, all with the goal of helping our athletes succeed in life.

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
  • Tweens


  • Infirmary
  • Indoor/Outdoor Playground
  • Gym

Programs at Boston Fencing Club in Waltham, MA

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Learn to Fence

Ages 7-12 The Learn to Fence class introduces kids to the basics of fencing using real gear. Students learn footwork, basic fencing terminology, and tactics through warmup games, drills, and fencing. Students usually complete several months of this class before moving up to the next class.

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Private Lessons

To take a lesson you must wear a fencing mask and glove at all times. Additional gear may be required by your individual coach. All of this can be provided by the club at no additional charge.

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Youth Competitive

This class is for fencers aged 9-13 who have completed the Learn to Fence class or are recommended by a staff member. The class introduces students to competition and develops the technical, physical, mental, and emotional skills necessary to succeed. Youth competitive students are encouraged to add one private lesson per week to their training schedule. Students must pick one weapon to focus in. While students are not required to compete, they are encouraged to start entering local and regional competitions.

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110 Clematis Ave #2, Waltham, MA, 02453