About Rockport Dance Academy in Rockport, MA

At Rockport Dance Academy, they are passionate about teaching the fundamentals of dance and developing a life-long love of dance. They strive to create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding, and to provide an enjoyable and rewarding experience for each and every student. With their dedication to dance, they are helping to cultivate a positive and supportive environment for the children of the community to grow and thrive in the art of dance.

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
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  • Tweens

Programs at Rockport Dance Academy in Rockport, MA

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Students focus on ballet vocabulary, technique, stretching, barre, body placement, across the floor, turns, leaps and more. Ballet is the foundation to all dance and is highly encouraged as a foundation class.

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Modern is offered to ages 8 and up. In our studio it can be abstract or lyrical. Exploring Horton/Limon along with Graham and Humphrey techniques, modern is a dramatic and more poetic way of moving which evolved as dancers found the need to break away from the rigidity of Classical Ballet and express themselves using a freer style. Modern Dance is characterized by its bending of the spine into spirals and contractions as well as the use of off-center movement such as tilts, layouts, and fall and recover technique. It lends itself to various types of music including alternative and New Age, and is traditionally danced barefoot.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop is offered to ages 8 and up seen primarily on TV during rap and R & B music videos and usually catches the eye of the more "recreational" dancer. It is a form that evolved out of street and brake dancing moves, and is characterized by its vigorous athletics and bouncy style. Hip Hop is danced primarily to Rap and R & B music, and is a great workout that enhances creativity while dancing cutting edge choreography.

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Isinglass Place, Rockport, MA, 01966