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At Bushi Karate Club, we strive to provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere for our students to learn traditional martial arts. Our focus is on the art of Karate, rather than the competition. We believe that the hard work and dedication of our students, rather than their rank, speaks to their character. We don’t measure a student’s progress based on how much money they’ve spent, but rather on how hard they’ve worked to improve themselves. Bushi Karate Club is dedicated to helping our students learn and grow in the art of Karate. Our priority is on the practice of the martial art rather than the showmanship. We don’t measure a student’s worth by their rank or their spending, but by the effort they put into improving themselves. We’re proud to provide a friendly and focused environment for our students to learn in.

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What kind of kids we support

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Programs at Bushi Karate Club in Oxford, MA

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Kids Classes

Kids classes at Bushi Karate Club vary in size and are separated by age and rank. The students will learn traditional Shotokan Karate including; forms, fighting, self-defense, weapons and the focus required to prepare them for school and life’s challenges with determination! Students are offered three nights a week to train where they are all given the opportunity to train together and learn the necessary social skills to grow their friendships with all of the other students at the Dojo.

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Adults Training

Adult classes meet three times per week and our focus remains the same; teach our students the art of Shotokan Karate and provide them with an environment that fosters a positive attitude towards life, self improvement, friendship, and family. Adult classes are a mix of many ranks and ages.

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285 Main St, Oxford, MA, 01540