About Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy in Norwood, MA

Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy is one of the country's leading gymnastics academies offering instruction in the beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics to athletes of any age and level, from recreational and preschool gymnasts to state and national champions. Located in the Boston area, this top-notch facility is led by the highly experienced and internationally renowned coach Varduhi Nahapetyan. She has been able to create a unique training environment that has produced numerous state and national champions. Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy is the perfect place for recreational and preschool gymnasts who are looking to get involved in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. Under the guidance of the highly experienced and renowned coach Varduhi Nahapetyan, athletes of any age and level can benefit from this unique training environment and have the chance to become state and national champions.

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What kind of kids we support

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Programs at Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy in Norwood, MA

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Rhythmic Stars Summer Camp includes training for all levels. For our recreational gymnasts, Camp is a great time with tons of fun activities, and a way to continuously improve their skills at the same time. For competitive gymnasts, Camp focuses on learning new skills and trying new moves to prepare for the new season. Besides rhythmic gymnastics practices, Summer Camp includes stretching, strength training, equipment handling, ballet, hip-hop, Zumba, and art classes. All subjects are taught by high-level coaches and special guests.

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Flexibility and Strength classes

Rhythmic Stars is introducing a new stretching and strength/conditioning class for all ages. Stretching increases flexibility which aids in injury reduction and prevention which is why it is the cornerstone on which all athletic training is founded. We offer a comprehensive training program that utilizes unique elements from gymnastics, helping athletes gain maximum flexibility and strength while learning correct posture and stretching techniques.

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Ballet Combo Program

Ballet Combo program is a fusion of recreational rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and dance. Classes are longer than recreational rhythmic gymnastics classes and last for 1.5 hours. Besides gymnastics skills and apparatus, girls learn ballet and a variety of dance styles from all over the world. This is a great class to develop great posture, elegance, expression and grace, as well as overall agility and flexibility. Every student participates in at least to shows per year to demonstrate newly acquired skills to their parents, relatives and friends, and just to have fun performing with peers.

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