About Cradles to Crayons in Newton, MA

Cradles to Crayons is proud to offer an extensive network of Service Partners, all of whom are committed to helping us meet the needs of the children we serve. Our new mobile Partner Portal makes it easy for our Partners to place orders online, based on the specific needs of the children in their care. All orders are promptly processed in our Giving Factory, and ready for pickup. Our Partners then deliver the items directly to the families in need. We are confident that this system will continue to be an invaluable link in helping us provide children with the items they need.

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
  • Kids


  • Handicap accessible
  • Internet Access

Programs at Cradles to Crayons in Newton, MA

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Specialty Items Program

Cradles to Crayons maintains a limited number of collaborative relationships to provide our “Specialty Items” throughout the year. Unlike individually tailored KidPacks that contain different types of items for one child, this program provides large quantities of items – such as a box of 20 copies of the same book or a 55-gallon bag of size 5/6 girls’ dresses – to assist a single partner.

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KidPack Program

Through our partner portal, Service Partners request KidPacks filled with Everyday Essentials, which are individually tailored for a specific child. These agencies in the KidPack Program also have access to Specialty Items and Backpacks. Most of our partnerships fall under this category.

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Backpack Program

Each August, Cradles to Crayons provides a high volume of backpacks to Service Partners and school districts. KidPack Program Service Partners are also eligible to request backpacks for the children and families they serve, but we do maintain once-a-year partnerships to help children get Ready for School on a much broader scale.

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