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Gloucester Adventure, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and education of maritime history. The 1926 dory-fishing Schooner Adventure, a National Historic Landmark, is in their care. The Schooner Adventure serves as a reminder of the American fisheries and is a living monument to Massachusetts’ fishing heritage with active sailing primarily along the New England coast. This organization is deeply committed to the restoration and preservation of the Schooner Adventure in perpetuity and has plans to use the Schooner as a floating classroom to promote maritime history and environmental education programs. These efforts will benefit both Gloucester and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and will ensure the Schooner Adventure is an icon of American fisheries for generations to come.

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Programs at Schooner Adventure in Gloucester, MA

a group of people on a boat
Learn the Science in Sailing

Navigation – Learn how sailors figure out where they are and where they’re going. Students learn the principles of navigation and the tools and calculations used to find your way at sea.

a couple of girls wearing life jackets and smiling at the camera
Skippy Finds Adventure

Meet Skippy, a wharf dog whose life changed forever when she wandered aboard a busy Gloucester fishing schooner. Skippy Finds Adventure accurately portrays a typical day aboard a dory fishing schooner from the perspective of the stubby-legged dog who found her home among the hard-working crew of Gloucester’s beloved highlander.

a couple of girls holding a toy airplane
Mechanics: Simple Machines

Learn how blocks and tackle move heavy loads easily by raising Adventure’s sails. Adventure’s mainsail alone is over 2700 square feet and weighs over 1200 lbs. By raising sail, students discover how blocks and tackle – simple machines – move heavy loads.

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Harriet Webster Pier, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA, 01930