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In an interconnected world, the National STEM Honor Society is committed to closing the gap between the need for STEM-trained professionals and the number of students ready to enter the field. NSTEM From the Start™ is our innovative program that encourages early, long-term engagement with STEM. Through our program, we are able to reach students of all ages and provide them with the tools and support they need to be successful. We recognize the importance of introducing STEM concepts early and providing students with the opportunity to explore and develop their skills. From kindergarten through career, we are dedicated to helping students discover their passion for STEM and achieve success in their future endeavors.

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Programs at National STEM Honor Society in Gloucester, MA

a group of children playing with toys
Grades K-2

These students are naturally curious about their world and learn best through direct discovery in hands-on experiences with manipulatives that engage the five senses. They are developing the ability to approach their discoveries logically, increasing their ability to utilize abstract reasoning. Project-based learning enrichment is a powerful engine to expose students to exciting and fun experiences, holding the child’s attention and enhancing retention at a high level for extended periods of time.

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a group of people looking at a computer screen
Grades 3-5

Students at this age are motivated by curiosity, a story, a problem, a real-world challenge or experience. They are full of ideas and seek opportunities to work collaboratively and explain their ideas to others. These students are maturing in their ability to solve problems through project-based learning, accelerating their critical thinking attitudes and skills.

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Middle School

Middle School is where students are transformed, entering as children and emerging as young adults. Their GPA begins to develop into compelling motivation while STEM classroom hours and an expanding menu of choices can help to ignite long-term interest in STEM studies. Project-based learning enrichment helps students “connect the dots” between STEM and real life, making math and science relevant for them, and keeping them engaged and interested. Middle school students apply classroom learning to problem-solving, resulting in deeper understanding and greater retention of content knowledge.

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