About Dragon Gate Kung Fu School of Martial Arts in Cherry Valley, MA

At Dragon Gate, we offer a unique and comprehensive curriculum that covers three different Kungfu disciplines. Our SMART Goals focused methodology provides challenging and engaging classes that help to develop the student as an individual and grow with them as a practitioner. We also focus on teaching critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills that the student can apply in any situation. All students at Dragon Gate are treated with dignity and respect and are considered as family. We strive to maintain our personal connections and create positive relationships.

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Programs at Dragon Gate Kung Fu School of Martial Arts in Cherry Valley, MA

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Little Dragons

The Little Dragons Program is how we introduce the 4-6 year olds to KungFu. This class teaches all of the basics of KungFu such as throwing a punch, kicking properly and blocking an attack. The students work on technique that will prepare them for their ranks in both the Lil Dragons Class and as they move into to the Youth Classes. In addition to the basic KungFu, a lot of emphasis is placed on basic motor skills. Kids at this age are still learning about their bodies and they need lessons in balance, coordination, discipline and focus. These core skills will help them grow in KungFu and more importantly, outside of KungFu. We have heard many praises from parents about compliments their kids have received at school for their good behavior. These skills are timeless and crucial for a building a successful life.

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Kungfu for Kids

At Dragon Gate we believe that Kungfu is much more than just throwing punches and kicks. In our Kid’s Program they will learn our martial arts style which is both very traditional in core concepts and also tested to prove its effectiveness. We pride ourselves in only passing down proven techniques and applications that can be explained to all ages from the pre-school age to adults. In addition to the art being passed down, they will be working on key skills such as discipline, focus, respect, confidence and leadership.

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