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Welcome to the Porter Square school! Located in the historic Henderson Carriage House Building at 2067 Mass Ave, this school is a great option for parents looking for a convenient, safe location for their children. Just minutes from both Porter and Davis Squares, the school has a large community room that can be used for large group activities such as yoga classes or special guest visits. The five classrooms are designed with your children in mind. Each room is bright and inviting, providing the perfect learning environment for kids of all ages. From yoga classes to special guests, the Porter Square school is the perfect place to help your children grow and learn. Whether you're looking for a safe, convenient place for your children or a place where they can explore and learn, the Porter Square school is the perfect choice. With five bright and inviting classrooms, a large community room for special activities, and its convenient location, this school is a great option for parents.

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool


  • Playground
  • Internet Access

Programs at Pine Village Preschool - Porter Square in Cambridge, MA

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This program (also sometimes referred to as Toddler program) uses a safe and colorful environment where one- and two-year-olds can easily maneuver and interact. Our Preschool Readiness classrooms are designed to encourage learning through self-directed activities with the constant support of their teachers. Each classroom includes Learning Centers designed specifically with the developmental stages of an active toddler in mind. Sensory play and activities fill the days allowing each child to engage with their senses, just as toddlers should. Every component of this program is designed to promote self-confidence and happiness, a perfect first step for a young preschooler. This is a perfect time to introduce a second language to children as they begin to develop their verbal skills.

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Our thematic curriculum emerges throughout the year as teachers create a learning environment that focuses on the interests of the children. Our talented teachers infuse literacy, math skills, art and the sciences into the curriculum as it emerges. Some of our past themes include Bugs, The Ocean, Our Neighborhoods, My Family and Feelings. As the curriculum unfolds, related activities, props, books and materials are infused in the classroom centers for the children to explore independently. Our preschool program is designed to encourage independence and a natural love for learning, both of which provide a strong base for a Pre-Kindergarten program.

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Summer Program

At the Pine Village Summer Camp, we jump into Spanish Immersion on our adventure through Spanish-speaking countries and regions! Pine Village offers two four-week summer sessions for children from 15 mos. – 5 years old. Each day, children and teachers will embark on a magnificent imaginary journey to explore Spanish speaking countries and experience life as a child in a different country. Activities include dancing and crafts, cooking and games.

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