About Dance Theater of New England in Bridgewater, MA

At Dance Theater of New England, we take an approach to dance education that sets us apart from the rest. Our classes exceed not only Massachusetts state standards, but national standards too! Careful consideration is given to each age group’s development needs, with every concept and movement explained and correctly demonstrated by our experienced instructors. Your child will understand the historical context of the art form and how to execute it. Your dancer will be equipped with the skills to confidently take on any challenge, whatever the setting. By exploring an art form that has stood the test of time, your dancer will gain an appreciation for cultural diversity and have the opportunity to make meaningful connections. With Dance Theater of New England, your child will never be out of step!

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
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  • Handicap accessible

Programs at Dance Theater of New England in Bridgewater, MA

a group of girls wearing dresses and dancing on a tile floor
Mommy & Me

AGES 18 MONTHS – 2 YEARS The original, 7 years of service to area families and their youngsters! In Africa, there’s an old saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. We at Dance Theater of New England know that you want the best for your little one, and a great education is a good start in the right direction. Especially if it includes dance! So with this in mind, we offer this free class as a community service. This is a gift from Dance Theater to you and your child. Thank you for enrolling and letting us give back to the village we dearly love. Tuition is free and dads are always welcome to join in!

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Terrific Twos

AGES 2 - 3 It is fabulous to be 2 years old! Two-year-olds are full of enthusiasm, exploration- and growing independence. At this age, they learn to play with other children and will build with blocks. Our dance class will embrace your child’s need for independence while making the best of their developmental benchmarks, with dances that hop, jump, run, and show emotion. Dancers will learn to use ribbons, scarves, and balls to create dances together and on their own. Basic ballet terminology will be introduced as dancers embark on a special dance adventure weekly. Class Length: 30 minutes

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Creative Movement

AGES 3 - 4 Our program for young children is designed to introduce basic classroom concepts in a fun and warm way. To achieve this end, we use Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) Preschool Curriculum when instructing young dancers. While in class, students use music, manipulatives, props, and simple movement activities to develop gross motor skills, musical awareness, as well as social and listening skills.

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Pre-Primary Dance

AGES 4 - 5 In this program, the class becomes more structured while maintaining a warm, open atmosphere. Gross motor skills continue to be taught, and fine motor skills are introduced. Locomotor and non-locomotor movement is explored through RAD syllabus and tap dance skills. Students begin to learn such important concepts as placement and sequencing through ethnic and folk dance models. There is plenty of opportunity for self-expression. This course is offered as a combination tap class.

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Dancers begin to learn the elegant style and time honored tradition of the dance of the noble courtiers of King Louis XIV. Through barre, centre and across the floor exercises, children learn the basics of the placement of the body, legs, arms, and head. In class, jumping, turning, and traveling steps are taught and later combined into increasingly complex combinations. As strength, flexibility and technique develop, stability and competence are realized. In upper levels, mastery of style and variations become the focus.

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Modern dance focuses on strengthening a student’s understanding of universal movement principles, including a key emphasis placed on center of gravity, correct alignment, range of motion, spatial precision and self-expression. Common modern terms such as contract, release, suspend, rebound and recovery will also be explored. Major modern dance techniques will be introduced including Hawkins, Horton, Graham, Limon and Taylor among others.

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