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Fight Back Solutions is committed to helping people learn the essential skills needed to protect themselves in today’s world. Our mission is to provide the best educational experience possible to ensure that our students acquire the necessary skills to remain safe in ever-changing times. Our Street Safe Courses, Foundation Courses, and Fight Fit Personal Training programs offer simple, direct, and effective self defense strategies. Our instructors are highly trained and certified professionals with vast experience in martial arts and personal protection. We strive to help our students gain the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions possible when faced with a dangerous situation. At Fight Back Solutions, we believe in the power of knowledge. We are committed to helping our students grow by providing them with the resources and tools they need to stay safe and defend themselves in any situation. We strive to be an integral part of our students’ growth and development and continue to foster a culture of learning and personal growth.

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Programs at Fight Back Solutions - Private Self Defense Lessons in Assonet, MA

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The same system taught to elite defense forces. RAT will teach you to quickly neutralize attackers much bigger than you! This is the fastest method of learning how to defend yourself standing up! Learn the methods of submission fighting to win on the ground! GFC will teach you to escape positions, gain control, dominate positions, and defeat attackers on the ground. Stick and knife fighting that will make you unstoppable! PWT will teach you use a weapon effectively and efficiently. Learn first beat technology and how to take on multiple attackers.

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This foundations course covers standup self defense to support your striking system. Techniques are derived from Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Boxing, and, Savate. This foundations course covers joint locks, chokes, sweeps, escapes, and positional dominance. Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Catch Wrestling to support your ground system.

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The partner program is a great value. It lets you train at a significant discount, have fun with a friend or partner, all while keeping the lesson personal and private.

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