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At our center, we approach teaching water safety differently than others. We don't 'force' children to learn, instead, we create a trusting and caring relationship with your child. This approach leads to fun and interactive 'play' that maximizes your child's comfort zone and allows them to learn water safety in a safe and enjoyable way. After each lesson, your child will be proud to show you what they have learned. We also provide a variety of ways to practice and promote even greater learning in-between the lessons. This ensures that your child is getting the best possible education when it comes to water safety.

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What kind of kids we support

  • Diabetes
  • Coed


  • Handicap accessible
  • Pool
  • Infirmary
  • Internet Access

Programs at Swim With Gills in Hobe Sound, FL

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Breathing while swimming takes time to learn for a toddler. Children will learn to control their body by moving their chin. This will allow them to propel themselves through the water both vertically and horizontally.

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Swimming for this age has more to do with the mastery of formal swim strokes than play. Your child will be taught formal swim strokes after the basics of all previous levels have become reflexive.

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P.O. Box 1612, Hobe Sound, FL, 33455