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Palette Art Studio is dedicated to helping children of all ages and skill levels find their creative voices and reach their individual artistic goals. Founded in 1997, Palette Art Studio in Cheshire, Connecticut offers students of all ages and skill levels a unique art education program that combines traditional European methods with modern updates. Led by artist and teacher Natasha Piskunova, Palette Art Studio is dedicated to helping student develop their visual perception and creativity. In each class, students are systematically introduced to the fundamentals of painting and drawing. They learn to understand and manipulate structure, form, and color within a variety of mediums and techniques. Additionally, Palette Art Studio encourages each student to develop their own artistic style. Finally, the studio's goals is to provide students with a solid foundation of artistic knowledge and the tools to explore more complex concepts. Through individualized instruction and specific assignments tailored to the student's age and experience, Palette Art Studio helps children find their creative voice and reach their artistic goals.

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Programs at Palette Art Studio in Woodbridge, CT

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This course of 3 classes was built for people with zero or little prior experience. The goal of this course is to develop a strong foundation in painting. Class 1: Introduction to color theory, understanding the color spectrum, warm and cold colors, and complementary colors. Learn the proper way to organize your palette, learn & practicing mixing colors, and develop brush strokes, connection, and interaction of colors. Class 2 and 3: A deeper explanation of the color theory. Learn about important principles of value, hue, and saturation. Learn about primitive/basic and complex/earth colors and how and where to use them in practice. We will go through a few painting exercises for a deeper understanding of those concepts. Class 4 and 5: Introduction to the history of abstract art. Develop the skills to work your way from idea to finished project. Planning, designing a color scheme, and finding a style.

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Prerequisite: “Introduction to Painting for Beginners”, for Palette Art Studio students who have worked with gouache and would like to begin learning oil painting, or for adults who would like to start with oil. In this course of four classes, we will learn how to apply traditional skills, techniques, and theories with an experimental approach. Class 1: Learn basic concepts of color theory. Learn how to set up your palette, how to mix colors, and how to use different brush strokes which are suitable for oil. Class 2: Learn how to apply fundamental painting principles such as value, hue, saturation, and primitive and earth colors in oil. During the first two classes, we will work on a few exercises on small canvases. Class 3: Painting a 3D object as a small still life. Learn how to plan out your painting and how to apply important composition rules, and color principles. Class 4 and 5: We will complete the work with the second layer and finishing details.

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For experienced students. Prerequisite: “Introduction to Painting for Beginners”. This course of 4 classes is a brief introduction to abstract art. This course will help students to understand the purpose of abstraction and will expand their vision, creativity, and ability to think outside the box. Class 1: Introduction to the history of abstract art - impressionism, fauvism, Monet, Cezanne, Kandinsky. Learn how to use tools like brush strokes, colors, value, saturation, and hue to express your ideas. We will be practicing with several small painting exercises. Class 2: Learn how to think like an artist and how to brainstorm ideas for a painting. Learn about the three fundamental pillars of Kandinsky’s art: impression, improvisation, composition, and how to use these concepts to develop a painting. ​Class 3 and 4 and 5: Work on completing a painting. Learn the stages of completing a piece of artwork, and how to balance colors and values.

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