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Mary Ann Hall's Music For Children

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Age group:0-8 y.o.
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Since 1971, Mary Ann Hall’s Music for Children™ has brought the joy of music to thousands of children nationwide. Our multi-sensory, age-appropriate curriculum will have your children reading music with their eyes, ears, and whole bodies! Each class is unique and artfully tells a story through song, dance, drama, rhythm, and rhyme. Live guitar, ukulele, piano & voice every week. To rescue the music from an isolated and insulated place and to dance music back into our everyday. To contribute to the development of musicianship and a lifelong enjoyment of music by connecting the ART of the MUSIC with the HEART of the CHILD™. To share the “Why,” the “How,” and the “Wow” of developing the young child’s musical intelligence by connecting with music educators, early childhood educators, parents, and other caregivers. Mary Ann Hall created MUSIC FOR CHILDREN™ in 1973, before most other early childhood programs that seem so prevalent today existed. As a Master's Degreed early childhood educator from the University of Michigan, Mary Ann understands the role of music in empowering children and developing their self-esteem and learning skills. With Music For Children & Beyond, Mary Ann and her highly trained and skilled faculty nurture children's innate musical abilities and sensibilities. Unlike traditional music classes, our program does not “isolate” the music. We incorporate drama, dance, art, storytelling, and imaginary play so children internalize the music, and connect to it physically and emotionally. True musicianship should grow from within…then be danced into the everyday!... Show more


  • Theater/Drama
  • Music
  • Vocal/singing
  • Visual Arts

What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
  • Toddlers
  • Kids


  • Playground
  • Internet Access
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