Niantic, CT is a picturesque coastal town located in New London County, offering a wonderful environment for families raising children. Known for its charming atmosphere and strong sense of community, Niantic provides a plethora of educational and entertainment opportunities that make it an ideal location to bring up kids. In terms of education, Niantic boasts a highly-regarded school system, with top-rated elementary, middle, and high schools. The dedicated and experienced teachers ensure that children receive a quality education, fostering their intellectual growth and preparing them for future success. Additionally, Niantic is home to numerous recreational facilities and parks, where kids can engage in sports activities, play, and explore nature. McCook's Beach, with its beautiful sandy shores and calm waters, offers a safe and enjoyable environment for children to swim and build sandcastles during the summer months. Parents can take their little ones to the Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut, where they can learn through interactive exhibits and programs designed to stimulate their curiosity and creativity. Moreover, Niantic hosts a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year, including the Niantic Bay Boardwalk 5K Race and the Niantic Light Parade. These events provide an opportunity for families to come together and celebrate the vibrant community spirit that thrives in Niantic. With its strong commitment to education, ample recreational opportunities, and a tight-knit community, Niantic, CT is an excellent place for families looking to provide their children with a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment.

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child enrichment programs in Niantic, CT

ABC'S Shoreline Gymnastics Stars - After-School, Child Care, Dance, Entertainment, Playground
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ABC'S Shoreline Gymnastics Stars

At our weekly Olympic Themed Clinics, kids have the chance to experience a variety of fun-filled activities to help develop their physical skills, as well as explore their creativity! We have a variety of activities such as water slides, slip n slides, water balloons, tie-dye and arts and crafts. Kids need to remember to bring a snack, bathing suit and a change of clothes to ensure they have the most enjoyable experience. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up ahead. We offer Saturday and Sunday times with 1.5 hours of obstacle courses, relay races, tumble track, parachute games, rope climb, supervised play, foam pit, indoor playscape, moon bounce, rock climbing and much more. These are competitive yet fun activities that will help your child practice their coordination and physicality in a safe and supervised environment. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your child explore and learn while having fun and join us for our weekly Olympic Themed Clinics.

Niantic, CT 06357-1209
4.8(5 reviews)
Broadway Kids & Company - Southeastern CT School of Performing Arts - After-School, Child Care, Music, Dance
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Broadway Kids & Company - Southeastern CT School of Performing Arts

are also available. At Broadway Kids & Company School of Performing Arts, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talents. Our dedicated staff provides a safe, creative atmosphere where children can discover a love for the performing arts. Our curriculum is designed to foster creativity, cultivate self-confidence, and teach the importance of hard work. Whether your child is interested in jazz, tap, ballet, or musical theater, our classes provide them with the opportunity to grow and express themselves.

Niantic, CT 06357
4.9(4 reviews)
East Lyme Regional Theater - Camps, After-School, Outdoors, Arts, Entertainment, Park & Rec, Special events
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East Lyme Regional Theater

At East Lyme Regional Theater, families can come together to be enriched and inspired by the arts. Through the hard work and dedication of the theater’s team, a summer camp and classes in theater arts have been added, reviving a tradition of family theater that was established many years ago. Now, families can experience positive entertainment and involvement while watching their children grow in terms of self-confidence, artistic expression and teamwork. East Lyme Regional Theater is dedicated to building community and enriching lives through the arts. With the addition of a summer camp and classes in theater arts, the theater is now able to resume the former East Lyme Arts Council and East Lyme Children’s Theater’s tradition of family theater. This program will provide an amazing opportunity to families, allowing them to watch their children develop and flourish with the help of self-confidence, artistic expression and teamwork, all while providing positive family entertainment and involvement. At East Lyme Regional Theater, the vision is to create an environment where families can come together to be enriched and inspired by the arts. With the expansion project now underway, families can now be a part of this wonderful program, giving their children the opportunity to explore and develop their talents and skills in the arts. From the theater’s team’s hard work and dedication, this program will provide a positive experience for all families involved.

Niantic, CT 06357
4.2(3 reviews)
Niantic Bay Sailing Academy - After-School, Sports
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Niantic Bay Sailing Academy

The Niantic Bay Sailing Academy is dedicated to helping children and adults alike learn about and enjoy the wonderful world of sailing. Through this organization’s extensive program, individuals can learn in-depth knowledge of seamanship, navigation, and sailboat racing. Additionally, this program reinforces life and leadership skills, while helping build character and self-esteem. Participants will also gain an appreciation of boating and a greater awareness of the natural resources which support it. At the Niantic Bay Sailing Academy, the focus is on education and fun. With classes and activities designed to teach the basics of sailing and navigation, those enrolled in the program can gain a better understanding of the sport. Furthermore, the Academy strives to provide a forum to develop life and leadership skills while building character and self-esteem in a safe and enjoyable environment. Participants can also gain a greater appreciation of boating and an awareness of the natural resources which support such activities.

6-15 y.o.
Niantic, CT 06357
4.1(2 reviews)
Barn for Artistic Youth - After-School, Outdoors, Arts
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Barn for Artistic Youth

At The BAY, children and young adults in southeastern Connecticut have access to quality art education. Since 2003, this private art studio has been offering weekly art classes that focus on teaching drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting. Each class is designed to provide the students with 1 ½ to 2 hours of instruction in a small class size setting. This allows time for discussions about art history, aesthetics, and art criticism in addition to the studio work. The BAY offers a unique art education experience. For over 15 years, this private art studio has been providing quality art instruction in southeastern Connecticut, teaching young people the fundamentals of art and encouraging creative expression. The classes are 1 ½ to 2 hours long and the small class sizes foster time for discussions about art history, aesthetics, and art criticism in addition to studio work. Drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting are all offered at The BAY, giving students the opportunity to explore a variety of art forms. In 2003, The BAY opened its doors with the mission of providing quality art education to emerging artists in southeastern Connecticut. Since then, it has been offering weekly art classes to elementary, middle school, high school, and home school students. These classes are designed to give the students plenty of time to explore and learn about art in a supportive and creative environment. With 1 ½ to 2 hour long classes, small class sizes, and instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting, The BAY has been providing a unique art education experience for over 15 years.

Niantic, CT 06357