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The Dance Corner - After-School, Music, Dance, Entertainment
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The Dance Corner

Our well-rounded program will give your child the opportunity to explore the world of dance in a fun and supportive setting. At The Dance Corner, we understand the importance of providing a safe and inclusive atmosphere for our students. Our classes are geared towards increasing confidence, building self-esteem and developing coordination. We offer instruction for all ages and levels of experience in an interactive, group environment. We strive to create an enjoyable learning space for our students to explore the world of dance. Our mission is to offer our students a well-rounded education in all aspects of dance. Through our classes, we empower our students to gain confidence, build self-esteem and improve coordination. We create an exciting, supportive atmosphere for our students to learn in and become proficient in all areas of dance. The Dance Corner is committed to providing a positive, inclusive environment where students feel supported and encouraged in their dance journey.

Killingworth, CT 06419
Arts Center at Killingworth - After-School, Arts, Entertainment
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Arts Center at Killingworth

The Arts Center is a vibrant nonprofit organization that is passionate about creating opportunities for the development and presentation of the visual and performing arts. Through unique programming and workshops, the Center provides a platform for professional and amateur artists alike to come together and share their talents. Visitors can enjoy exciting exhibits, concerts, readings, and plays, as well as join in on classes and workshops. At the Arts Center, there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking for an exciting night out to see the newest exhibit, or a fun class to join with friends, the Arts Center has it all. They are dedicated to providing an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and appreciation for the visual and performing arts. With their wide variety of programs, they offer something for everyone who is interested in art and culture.

Killingworth, CT 06419