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At Pembroke Hill Equestrian, we are dedicated to restoring the old school way of equestrianism. We understand that there is much more to the sport than just mounting a saddle and riding away. We want to teach riders of all ages the importance of building a strong relationship with their horse, as well as providing the physical and mental care that these bonded pairs need. We realize that the preparation and aftercare of the horse is just as important as the time spent in the saddle. It is through this bond that riders and horses can create a magical experience together. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for riders to learn and develop these relationships At Pembroke Hill Equestrian, we believe that the key to successful equestrianism is through understanding the importance of a strong bond between horses and riders. To achieve this, we offer programs that focus on the preparation and aftercare of horses, as well as the bond and trust that needs to be developed between horse and rider. We foster a safe and enjoyable learning environment, where riders of all ages can learn the old school way of equestrianism and create a magical experience with their horse.

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Programs at Pembroke Hill Equestrian in Harwinton, CT

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Horseback Riding

Group Trail Rides Flat Lesson(s) Jumping Lesson(s) Our mission is to have a family oriented facility that is financially acceptable to welcome all riders to take part in the therapy of ground work to the irreplaceable friendships built thru joining our team/community. Our goal is to educated and train our clients everything from simple day care, proper grooming, bathing, clipping, braiding, mane pulling, tacking/untacking, cooling out to grazing.

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132 Wildcat Hill Road, Harwinton, CT, 06791