About NECDS in Danbury, CT

For over 30 years, New England Country Day School in Danbury, CT has been providing the highest quality of care to children in the area. Our school is independently owned and operated, so the tuition fees go directly to the children, instead of a corporate headquarters like a franchise. Our school is housed in its own free-standing building, which is equipped with 1.5 acres of outdoor playgrounds. Your children can explore four large, distinct playgrounds and take advantage of the natural grass fields. We are dedicated to providing your children with a safe and secure environment to explore and learn!

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What kind of kids we support

  • Coed
  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool


  • Handicap accessible
  • Infirmary
  • Playground

Programs at NECDS in Danbury, CT

a baby crawling on the floor
Infant Program (6 weeks to 1 year)

Infancy is an important time in a child’s life. A time when trust, attachments, self-worth, dependency, fears, independence, and many more emotions will be rooted more so than any other stage of development. The program is individualized to meet the needs of each infant and surround them with a positive, loving, and nurturing atmosphere

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a group of children posing for a photo
Toddler Program (1yr to 2 yrs old)

Your baby is becoming more curious and is ready to take on bigger and better things. The toddler program offers a routine that enables independence, the ability to conquer age-appropriate challenges and to be successful in developing motor skills and self-assurance as well as learning about the world around them. We’re ready Mom and Dad, how about you?

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a few kids playing with a toy
Two's ( 2 yrs to 3 yrs old)

There’s no time for “terrible two’s!” For many of us, TWO is the best age. The world begins to unfold in front of his/her very own eyes! This program is geared towards advancing your child's social/emotional and cognitive/language development. Our curriculum allows them to develop self-help skills such as toilet training, dressing, and undressing and provides opportunities to explore and discover awareness. It’s designed to allow your child to become his/her own person through creative expression while becoming aware of sensory and perceptual experiences.

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a person and several children
Junior Pre-K (3 yrs to 4 yrs old)

These magical thinkers are now putting into play all they’ve been exposed to. Language, emotions, letters, numbers, and shapes all now have more significance. The curriculum assists in the exposure to what will soon be expected of them in the years ahead. At this age, they are sponges ready to soak in all the knowledge they can. Our structured routine and versatile teaching methods will surely make it a fun learning experience. Manners, respect, and independence are all encouraged

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a group of children wearing hats
Senior Pre-K ( 4 yrs to 5 yrs old)

SPK is an exciting year as your child prepares for the world outside of preschool! Academics, independence, social relationships and appropriate behavior give them the foundation to move on to more challenges in the years ahead. Introducing a variety of subjects such as Math, Geography, Culture, Science and more, we plan to keep your children intrigued with in-school / at-home projects and hands-on group activities.

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a girl in a blue dress
Before/ After School Care (5 yrs to 13 yrs old)

Are you pressed for time? Need a safe, loving place to care for your kids before and after school? We are the center for you! Join us after school for homework assistance, snacks, and plenty of fun and games (Outdoor: sports, relay races, freeze tag, capture the flag, and more! Indoor: building, books, art and crafts, board games, etc.) For no additional cost, we will cover all early dismissals, school delays, and school closings. We also offer the option to enroll in additional afternoon enrichment programs such as ballet, karate, gymnastics, soccer skills, and more!

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27 Kenosia Ave, Danbury, CT, 06810