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High above the Farmington River in Avon, CT you will find US Horse Welfare and Rescue providing an abundance of opportunities for both horses and humans to find solace from a chaotic and often cruel world. Here our rescue horses find safety, often after months or even years of neglect or abuse. They find a place to let down, just be horses, while learning to accept love and trust humans… maybe for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. Each horse has had their own journey, and little of it we will ever know. These same horses give their love back in magnificent ways..reaching our souls, touching our hearts, and healing that which is broken or in need in each one of us. Through their magnificence and our multitude of equine-assisted experiential learning, therapeutic, and wellness programs, the human spirit finds healing. ... Show more
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345 Waterville Rd, Avon, CT 06001