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MathTweens 9-12

Math Afterschool Program: 10 Fun Questions to Ask Your Kid!

1. What was the most difficult problem you solved today? 2. What did you learn in class today that you found the most interesting? 3. What strategies do you think worked best for solving problems in class today? 4. If you had to choose one type of math equation to do forever, what would it be? 5. What was the most fun part of the class today? 6. If you could invent a new type of math problem, what would it be? 7. What equations or ideas did you learn today that you think you'll use in the future? 8. Did anyone in the class surprise you with their problem-solving skills? 9. What was the most creative way someone solved a problem today? 10. How did you find the energy to keep going and solve problems for the whole class?
MathTweens 9-12


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