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a man punching another man
BoxingTeens 13-18

Knockout Laughs: 10 Hilarious Jokes for Boxing-Loving Teens

Are you a teenager who loves boxing and enjoys a good laugh? Well, get ready to roll on the floor with these side-splitting jokes that will tickle your funny bone and make you giggle your way to victory. From knockouts to jabs, these puns and one-liners are sure to hit you with a punchline you won't forget. So, loosen up those boxing gloves and get ready for a comic ride!

1. Why did the boxer go to school? Because he wanted to punch up his grades!

2. What did the boxing coach say when his fighter couldn't find his gloves? "Don't worry, son, you'll always have a fighting chance!"
3. Why do boxers make terrible comedians? Because they always struggle with their punchlines!

4. What do you call a clumsy boxer? A knockout artist!

5. Why was the boxing ring always so noisy? Because fighters couldn't help making a punchline!

6. What did the boxer say to his opponent? "I'm always down for a sparring contest, as long as we don't spar with words!"

7. Why did the boxer bring a ladder into the ring? Because he wanted to reach new heights with his uppercuts!

8. Why did the boxer refuse to fight on the grass? Because he didn't want to be defeated by a low blow!

9. Why do boxing gloves never get lonely? Because they always have each other for a companion-punch!

10. What did the boxing referee say to the boxer who kept telling jokes during the match? "Quit clowning around, or I'll have to knock some sense into you!"

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and these jokes are perfect to share with your boxing buddies or to lighten up the mood during training sessions. So, keep those gloves up, stay quick on your feet, and never forget to find humor in everything, even in the ring!

BoxingTeens 13-18


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