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Fun Shared STEM/STEAM Afterschool Activities for Siblings

After school is an ideal time to engage siblings in activities that challenge and entertain them. By exploring STEM/STEAM topics together, siblings can collaborate, bond, and learn in a creative environment. Here are some fun shared STEM/STEAM after-school activities for siblings:

1. Build a Robot: Use cardboard boxes, old electronics, and craft materials to construct a robot that can move and make sounds.

2. Make a Video Game: Using programming tools like Scratch and Roblox, siblings can design their own computer game with levels and challenges.
3. Design a 3D Model: Using 3D printing or other modeling programs, siblings can create 3D objects that can be used in a variety of projects.

4. Conduct a Science Experiment: With easy-to-find materials, siblings can explore various scientific topics by performing experiments such as making slime or extracting DNA from fruit.

5. Construct a Telescope: Using a few basic materials such as a cardboard tube, mirror, and magnifying glass, siblings can build their own telescope.

Siblings can enjoy hours of creative fun by engaging in these shared STEM/STEAM activities!



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