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Vocal/singingTweens 9-12

Encouraging a 9 - 12 Year Old's Love of Singing

For many 9 - 12 year old children, singing is a fun way to express themselves. They may have an innate love of singing, or they may have taken an interest in it due to their parents or peers. Either way, it’s important to nurture and encourage their budding enthusiasm. One of the best ways to encourage their love of singing is to provide opportunities for them to sing. Whether it’s a karaoke night with family and friends, or attending a vocal class or music camp, giving them the chance to belt out their favorite tunes can be incredibly rewarding. Singing in front of an audience can also be beneficial, as it helps them to develop self-confidence and better understand the dynamics of performing. Another great way to encourage their singing is by exposing them to new music. This can be done by taking them to live concerts or festivals or by playing different types of music for them at home. Showing them the music of different cultures and genres can help them to expand their musical horizons. It can also help them to understand the wide range of emotions that can be expressed through singing.
It’s also important to provide them with feedback about their singing, both positive and constructive. This will help them to improve their skills and give them the confidence to keep practicing and progressing. Praise their ability and also offer constructive advice so that they can take their singing to the next level. Finally, singing should be fun. Encourage them to have fun with it by singing along to their favorite songs, or even trying to write their own songs. It’s also a great idea to have them join a choir or take part in a school musical. This way, they can make friends with people who share the same interests and have a great time while singing together. By providing 9 - 12 year olds with the necessary opportunities and support, they can grow to love singing even more. If they continue to practice and stay motivated, they’ll soon find themselves on the path to becoming a great singer.
Vocal/singingTweens 9-12


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