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a group of women in black and white dresses with flowers in their hair
CheerleadingKids 5-8

10 Funny Facts About Cheerleading

1. Cheerleaders can jump up to 10 feet in the air!

2. Cheerleaders can spin around in circles faster than most people can run!

3. Special mats are used to cushion the floor when doing difficult stunts.

4. Cheerleading outfits usually include bright colors, sequins, and glitter!

5. Cheerleaders use pom-poms to make cool patterns and shapes while cheering.

6. Cheerleaders need to be strong enough to lift their teammates in the air!

7. Cheerleaders have to remember a lot of moves and chants all at once.

8. The most difficult cheerleading stunts require lots of practice and patience.

9. Cheerleaders can sometimes get dizzy from spinning around so much!

10. Cheerleading is so much fun that some people say it's an art form!

CheerleadingKids 5-8


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