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a group of people playing hockey
HockeyKids 5-8

10 Fun Facts about Hockey to Make Your Kid Smile!

1. Did you know that when Hockey players get too hot, they can cool off by licking their hockey sticks?

2. Hockey has the most vocal fans of any sport!

3. The fastest slap shot ever recorded was a whopping 118.3 mph!

4. Hockey pucks are made of dense rubber and can even bounce off the ice!

5. Not all Hockey sticks are straight – some players prefer “curved” sticks to better control the puck.

6. There’s a team of all-female Hockey players known as “The Blades” that are dedicated to inspiring young girls to play the sport.

7. Hockey was the first sport played in the Winter Olympics!

8. Hockey players use a special “chalk” to help them keep their hands dry while playing.

9. The oldest Hockey team is the Montreal Canadiens, which was founded in 1909.

10. Did you know that Hockey is sometimes called “The Coldest Game on Earth?”

HockeyKids 5-8


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