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MathTeens 13-18

10 Fascinating Facts About Math Your Kids Will Love

Math is a subject that can often be met with groans and cries of ‘I don’t get it!’ from kids aged 8-13. But math can be fun and interesting and the following facts illustrate just some of the ways in which math can capture your child’s imagination. 1. Math is the language of nature. Every natural phenomenon is based on mathematical principles, from the shapes of clouds to the population of galaxies. 2. Math inspired the world’s first computer. Charles Babbage, a nineteenth-century mathematician, invented the world’s first mechanical computer based on mathematical principles. He called it a ‘Difference Engine’.
3. There are 7 types of numbers. These include natural numbers, integers, complex numbers, prime numbers, irrational numbers, real numbers, and rational numbers. 4. The number Pi has been calculated to over one trillion decimal places. We use Pi to calculate the circumference of circles. 5. Math was used to build the Pyramids. Ancient Egyptians used mathematics and geometry to build these incredible structures. 6. There are infinitely many prime numbers. This means that there is no end to the number of prime numbers that can be generated. 7. The longest number has been calculated to over a million digits. This number was discovered in 1981 by a group of mathematicians. 8. The world’s most expensive book is a math book. The book, called Arithmetica, was written by an ancient Greek mathematician, Diophantus. The book is estimated to be worth over $2 million. 9. Math can help to predict the weather. Meteorologists use mathematical equations to predict weather patterns like wind direction and air pressure. 10. Math has been around for thousands of years. The oldest surviving mathematical object is a stone tablet from Babylon, dating back to around 1900 BCE. It contains equations that involve multiplication.
MathTeens 13-18


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