Shelburne, Vermont is a picturesque town nestled in the heart of Chittenden County, making it an ideal place for families looking to raise children in a safe and nurturing environment. With its strong commitment to education and a plethora of entertainment opportunities, Shelburne offers a wealth of resources for kids to grow, learn, and thrive. One of the biggest draws for families in Shelburne is its exceptional school system. The town is home to highly acclaimed public schools, known for their top-notch academic programs, dedicated teachers, and nurturing environment. From pre-K to high school, children have access to quality education that prepares them for future success. Beyond the classroom, Shelburne boasts numerous recreational and cultural opportunities that enrich the lives of its young residents. The town is home to several parks and playgrounds, providing ample space for outdoor activities and adventures. Shelburne Farms, a historic working farm, offers educational programs and activities where children can learn about farming, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. For those seeking educational and entertainment experiences outside of the town, Shelburne is conveniently located near Burlington, Vermont's largest city. Burlington offers a wide range of museums, theaters, and cultural events suitable for all ages. The ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, and the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory are just a few of the attractions that families can enjoy. Overall, Shelburne, VT is a town that prioritizes the well-being and growth of its young residents. With its outstanding schools, abundance of outdoor spaces, and easy access to cultural experiences, it provides an ideal setting for families looking to raise children in a nurturing and vibrant community.

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child enrichment programs in Shelburne, VT

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Swift Nature Camp

Swift Nature Camp is the perfect place for your child to spend their summer! Our overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-15 is located in beautiful Wisconsin. We offer a unique blend of traditional summer camp activities and environmental education to help kids increase their appreciation for nature, science, and the environment. We’ve got it all – fun, friendships, adventure trips, and nature! Spend your summer with us – you’ll never forget it!

Minong, WI 54859
4.5(4 reviews)
a young boy holding a toy
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Davis Studio

At Davis Studio, we believe that art is an essential part of life, and we strive to make it accessible to everyone. Our art classes and camps provide an outlet for creativity and exploration, allowing participants to explore their own unique talents and interests. Our experienced and passionate instructors are committed to helping our students find their own artistic voice. We offer a wide range of classes and camps for all ages and abilities. Whether it’s a preschool art class, a teen art class, adult painting classes, or a summer art camp, we have something for everyone. Our classes and camps are designed to help students build on their existing skills and knowledge, as well as gain new techniques and insights into the world of art. We also offer special workshops and events throughout the year, providing fun and educational opportunities for our students.

Shelburne, VT 05482
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New Village Farm

At our farm, we understand that no two days are the same. From morning till night, our rhythm gives children the opportunity to explore their interests while also learning how to care for animals and the environment. Our students start the day with their morning chores, tending to the goats, cows, bunnies, chickens, and ducks. After some hard work, they get to enjoy a snack and time for free play or projects. We firmly believe in allowing kids to take part in their own creative activities, as well as working with us. Projects may include carpentry, nature crafts, or even food projects. Come springtime, the farm is alive with new life, and our students get to experience the joy of watching baby animals grow, tending to seedlings, and tapping maple trees for syrup. On nice days, we often go out for lunch and explore the woods and marshes near us. Before leaving, we make sure to check on the animals one last time.

Shelburne, VT 05482
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Shelburne Farms

At Shelburne Farms, we are deeply committed to creating a more sustainable future. We recognize the need for learning experiences that help learners understand the connections between people, place, and the planet. Through our educational programming, we are committed to inspiring, teaching, and empowering learners of all ages to take action and become changemakers in their communities.

Shelburne, VT 05482
4.9(5 reviews)
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Shelburne Craft School

Parents looking for a unique way to help their children cultivate confidence, character and community need look no further than Shelburne Craft School. Established in 1945, the school offers hands-on learning in artisanal crafts. With its well-loved buildings and natural light classrooms, the school is a textbook example of “wabi-sabi.” The central courtyard is the heart of the campus, featuring small sculptures, Adirondack chairs, a fire circle, a sheltered pavilion and a handmade stone wall. At present, the school offers instruction in a variety of crafts, and plans to add more in the near future. Shelburne Craft School provides a unique opportunity for children to experience the joy of making and creating, while gaining essential life skills. With its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, the school is the perfect place for children to explore their passions and learn valuable skills. The school’s experienced instructors and well-stocked classrooms provide the perfect environment for children to experiment, create and collaborate. Whether children are interested in woodworking, pottery, weaving or any of the other crafts offered, Shelburne Craft School is the ideal place to foster creativity and imagination. The school’s focus on hands-on learning, combined with its relaxed atmosphere and supportive instructors, make it a great place for children to learn and grow.

Shelburne, VT 05482
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Shelburne Music School

Justin is an incredibly versatile and talented musician. He can teach you all the basics of playing the piano and guitar, as well as singing and songwriting. His lessons are always fun and engaging, and he has the skill and knowledge to help you become a better musician. With Justin’s help, you can progress at your own pace and become the musician you’ve always wanted to be. Are you interested in learning to play an instrument and sing? Look no further than Justin! His classes are a great way to learn the fundamentals of the piano, guitar, and songwriting. He is a skilled and knowledgeable teacher who has a knack for making lessons fun and engaging. With Justin’s guidance, you can learn the basics and progress at your own pace. Justin is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to learn to play the keys, guitar, and sing. His lessons are enjoyable and comprehensive, making sure you get the most out of each session. Justin is an experienced and talented musician who can help you reach your musical goals. With his help, you can become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being.

Shelburne, VT 05482