Plymouth, VT is a picturesque town nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains, offering an idyllic environment for families looking to raise children in a peaceful and enriching community. With its close-knit atmosphere and strong sense of community, Plymouth provides a safe and supportive environment for children to grow and thrive. Education is a top priority in Plymouth, with excellent schools that prioritize individualized attention and academic excellence. The local school district offers a range of educational opportunities, from early childhood programs to high school curriculum designed to prepare students for college and beyond. The dedicated teachers and staff ensure that every child receives a quality education and personalized support to help them reach their full potential. Plymouth also provides a variety of entertainment and recreational options for families. Nature lovers will appreciate the numerous hiking trails, lakes, and state parks surrounding the town, offering endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and exploration. The nearby Killington Ski Resort provides thrilling winter activities, including skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. Additionally, Plymouth hosts community events throughout the year, such as fairs, festivals, and concerts, bringing both residents and visitors together for a fun-filled time. The town's commitment to the arts and culture is evident in its local theater productions and art galleries, fostering creativity and artistic expression among children. The Plymouth Historical Society offers educational programs that allow kids to learn about the town's rich history and heritage. Overall, Plymouth, VT offers a nurturing environment for families, with excellent educational opportunities, abundant recreational activities, and a strong sense of community that makes it an ideal place to raise children.

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child enrichment programs in Plymouth, VT

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Swift Nature Camp

Swift Nature Camp is the perfect place for your child to spend their summer! Our overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-15 is located in beautiful Wisconsin. We offer a unique blend of traditional summer camp activities and environmental education to help kids increase their appreciation for nature, science, and the environment. We’ve got it all – fun, friendships, adventure trips, and nature! Spend your summer with us – you’ll never forget it!

Minong, WI 54859
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Bethany Birches Camp

At Bethany Birches Camping Experience, we strive to give young people a chance to connect with God in a natural and nurturing environment. We offer a Christ-centered experience for children of all backgrounds, no matter their religious experience. We aim to provide a safe and secure place for everyone under our care, while keeping our fees as low as possible. We believe in creating a community of love in which God's reality is known and experienced. We strive to build a facility where relationships and communities can grow and thrive. Our programs are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, while always pointing to Christ.

Plymouth, VT 05056
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Flying Cloud Summer Camp

At Flying Cloud Camp, every camper is welcomed and celebrated for who they are. There’s no need to conform to any norms or expectations; instead, campers are encouraged to explore the world around them. Through hands-on activities, campers learn to build a fire, carve their own utensils, and appreciate the beauty of the night sky. With so many acres of wilderness to explore, campers gain a sense of independence and self-confidence as they expand their horizons. At Flying Cloud Camp, every camper is seen and accepted for who they are. This off-the-grid experience in the Vermont wilderness provides a unique opportunity for boys and gender non-binary youth to explore the wonder of living in nature. Campers are encouraged to take risks and discover new things, learning to build a fire, carve utensils, and appreciate the beauty of the night sky. It's a chance for campers to gain a sense of independence and self-confidence while having an unforgettable experience.

Plymouth, VT 05056
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Saltash Mountain Camp

At our camp, we foster an environment of acceptance and celebration of individual differences. Our campers learn to collaborate and work together in our community. During their stay, they'll have the opportunity to hone their musical talents by playing guitar and piano, and singing. They'll also have the chance to take part in outdoor activities like swimming, learning outdoor living skills, and participating in work projects. Additionally, they can explore the wilderness and gain a greater appreciation of each other by going on rock climbing, hiking, and canoeing trips. Our campers will also have plenty of time to appreciate the natural world. All of these activities are guided to help build their confidence, from 3-day to 6-day trips.

Plymouth, VT 05056-9434
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The Barn Day Camp

Our campers have the chance to explore the beauty of nature and discover the joy of unstructured play, while also building a connection to the land and developing skills that will last a lifetime. Regardless of the activity, our campers will learn something new and have fun in the process. Campers get to take a break from technology and enjoy the wonders of the natural world. At Killington Ski area/resort in Vermont, the 600-acre wilderness provides a perfect playground for children to explore their wonder and imagination. Whether chasing crickets, milking goats, or playing at the waterfront, campers are encouraged to enjoy the simple delights the outdoors has to offer. Campers have the opportunity to take part in creative activities like splatter-paint art and pirate gold hunts, as well as hosting a farm stand for the local community. With unstructured play and learning the land, campers are guaranteed to come away with lifelong skills and a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature. Technology is put aside, allowing children to experience the wonders of the natural world.

Plymouth, VT 05056
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Our campers have the opportunity to learn, grow, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Farm & Wilderness summer camps offer a unique and secluded getaway in the beautiful woods of Vermont. With 4,800 acres of mountains, lakes, and forests, campers can explore activities such as hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, organic farming, carpentry and the arts. These activities provide campers with the chance to learn important life skills such as teamwork and problem solving, all while creating lasting memories. The camps provide a supportive environment for youth to explore a life that is simple, rugged and exciting.

Plymouth, VT 05056