In the green-hearted kingdom of VT (sensibly known to the grown-ups as Vermont), where the mountains whisper ancient tales and lakes shimmer with secret magic, there's a lively bunch of kids called the 'Vermont Visionaries'. These aren't your regular, everyday kids, oh no! They're photographers par extraordinaire! Leading this brigade of youthful shutterbugs is Fernley the Flash, a cool, quirky chipmunk with a camera. Fernley, with his over-sized glasses, bushy tail, and an old-school camera hanging around his neck, could wrangle a giggle out of the grumpiest goblins. He'd often get his whiskers caught in the shutter, or trip over his own tail mid-click creating such hilariously blurry pictures, it'd get the whole troop rolling with laughter. The Visionaries, armed with their cameras, roam the emerald landscapes of VT, capturing the world in their unique, kaleidoscopic perspective. They'd snap pictures of the fiery autumn leaves as if they are crackling dragon's scales. Some would click the snow-capped mountains, imagining them as giant ice-cream cones, while others would zoom in on the maple syrup dripping from trees, pretending it's a secret elixir of the forest. In this place, where the sky paints itself in a myriad of colors at sunset, and the wildlife is as diverse as the toppings on a pizza, the Vermont Visionaries and their leader, Fernley, use their cameras to create a world of enchanting tales, hearty laughter, and captivating beauty. And, oh, the adventures they have! But, those are tales for another time.

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SOCAPA, the School of Creative and Performing Arts, is the perfect place for teens to explore their creative passions. With camps for ages 13 to 19, these students have the opportunity to make films, dance, and take fashion shoots in some of the world's most iconic locations. At SOCAPA, teens can combine their artistic expression with the fun of summer camp. From making films in Lake Champlain to hip-hop videos under the Brooklyn Bridge and fashion shoots in Venice Beach, students are sure to have an unforgettable summer. Come join the premier visual and performing arts summer camp and unleash your creative potential!

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