child enrichment programs in Westport, MA

Codimonk Nursery School - Head Start Center
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Codimonk Nursery School

At Codimonk Nursery School, we believe the best way for children to learn is by doing. We provide hands-on experiences and learning through play to give children the opportunity to explore their world. Our teachers provide direction and guidance as children learn about various topics that are focused on each week. With the Learning without Tears and Pocket of Preschool curricula, children are sure to come away with a wealth of knowledge! Additionally, we follow the Westport Community School calendar so that kids can stay on track academically.

3-5 y.o.
Westport, MA 02790
Driftway Meadows LLC - After-School, Equestrian
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Driftway Meadows LLC

. At Driftway Meadows LLC, our experienced trainers have over 35 years of professional training experience, so you can trust that your horse and rider are in good hands. We specialize in show horses and their riders, allowing us to develop a strong competitive presence in the Morgan horse show world and the local Dressage circuit. Our mission is to provide every horse and rider with the best training and support available, helping them to reach their full potential. We strive to create a positive and safe learning experience for each horse and every rider. With our experience, dedication, and expertise, you can trust that your horse and rider are in the best possible place to learn and grow.

Westport, MA 02790
Erin Rae’s School of Dance - After-School, Dance
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Erin Rae’s School of Dance

Erin Rae’s School of Dance has been a dream come true for Erin McNamara. Since opening the doors sixteen years ago, the studio has grown to include four studios with sprung dance floors, marly flooring, a complete remote learning set up, and video monitors that can be observed from two spacious waiting areas. Our instructors are carefully screened and well-trained in a variety of disciplines, including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and acro dance. We offer programs for boys and girls from the age of two and up. At Erin Rae’s, children can learn to experience the joy of dance in a safe and nurturing environment.

Westport, MA 02790
South Coast Music Together - After-School, Music
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South Coast Music Together

Music Together classes are designed to foster the joy of making music together, celebrating the importance of music in our lives. Children learn best when they are having fun, and Music Together classes are designed to be an enjoyable experience. Our classes provide an opportunity for families to learn music together in a relaxed, playful atmosphere, where the emphasis is on the process rather than the performance. With the development of basic musical skills, children will be better prepared for school and social musical activities, as well as the potential to study a musical instrument. Music Together classes provide a space for community music making, a place where families and friends can come together to create music simply for the joy of making music. Children are naturally drawn to music and movement, and the classes offer a fun and positive way to expand their knowledge and passion for music. This is a great chance to bond and make memories with your child whilst meeting other families too.

0-7 y.o.
Westport, MA 02791