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If your child is looking for a physical and mental challenge, the Wu Li Academy might be the perfect place. Students can learn the martial arts of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung. The traditional Chinese way of teaching is one-on-one and one step at a time, allowing the student to practice and perfect the techniques at their own pace. At the Wu Li Academy, teachers show the students the techniques and then they can practice individually or in groups. As the student progresses, new steps are added and they can perfect the moves. This individual approach allows the student to learn at their own speed and gives them the necessary tools to gain a deeper understanding of the martial arts.

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Programs at Wu Li Academy Bridgewater in Bridgewater, MA

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Beginners learn basic techniques that, over the years, remain as the foundation of all advanced techniques and forms. The principal focus of Tai Chi training at Wu Li Academy is the development of chi, the internal energy of the body. Thus, new students start learning Chi Kung at the first class. Beginners are taught basic Chi Kung routines. As students progress, additional techniques are added at a rate comparable to their chi development. Basic pushing hands training and the Tai Chi sword are added when the student reaches each level.

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Intermediate Students

Intermediate students learn applications of Long Form. More complex Chi Kung techniques are incorporated into the students' training and development.

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Advanced Students

Advanced students at Wu Li Academy are trained to use chi and breathe with the form. Weapons and their applications are added to the students' training. Herbal treatments and other healing techniques are also incorporated.

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