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As of January 1, 2011, the martial arts school formerly known as MacDermott’s Tang Soo Do is changing its name to Precision Tang Soo Do. After 30 years of administration, Master Carl H. MacDermott III has turned the administration of the school over to Master Scott R. Hile, with whom he has studied for 18 years. The school’s co
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Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do
A classical martial art, not a sport. As a classical martial art, Tang Soo Do aims to develop and express an individual’s true self. There classes focus on developing the skills and values of Tang Soo Do, while challenging students to better themselves through their study of martial arts. Our highly trained instructors provide
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Woman’s Self Defense
Woman’s Self Defense
This is a four week program that runs for 4 consecutive Sundays for 2 hours a night. The focus of the course is to educate women about proper techniques to defend themselves, as well as teaching women to be more alert and conscientious. This program is currently offered in the spring in Bridgewater, and in the fall in West Bri
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Knife / Gun / Stick Seminar
Knife / Gun / Stick Seminar
This seminar is designed for all levels of martial artists to teach correct defensive techniques and proper usages of knives, sticks and guns. Seminars vary in length depending on the focus of the seminar and the rank of the participants.
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