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MathTeens 13-18

How to Make Math Studying Fun for Siblings

Afterschool is the perfect time to spend quality time btween esiblings doing activities that are both fun and educational. Math activities are the perfect way to keep your siblings engaged and learning, and they're sure to have a blast!

Here are some of our favorite shared math activities for siblings:

1. Create a Math Challenge:
Come up with a list of math problems to challenge each other. You can make it a competition to see who can solve the most problems in the shortest amount of time, or you can work together to solve the problems.

2. Play Math Games:

Board games and card games are an excellent way to practice math skills. Games like Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Uno involve math, and can be fun for the whole family.

3. Bake a Math-Inspired Dessert:

Get creative in the kitchen and make a delicious math-inspired dessert. Try creating a Pi-shaped pie or a mathematical equation cookie.

4. Learn Origami:

Origami involves folding paper into specific shapes using mathematical principles. This is a great way to learn geometry and practice fine motor skills.

5. Build a Math Tower:

With a few supplies from around the house, you and your siblings can build a math tower. This is a fun way to practice counting, shape recognition, and engineering.

With these fun shared math activities, you can make your siblings have a blast while learning valuable math skills.

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MathTeens 13-18


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