In the splendid state of New Hampshire, a quirky corner of the United States, there's an adventurous gang of young swimmers known as the "Aquatic Avengers". This state, with its craggy mountains, abundant lakes, and a tiny but terrific slice of Atlantic coastline, is a perfect place for these aquatic adventurers. From the towering peaks of the White Mountains to the vibrant cityscape of Manchester, New Hampshire is a secret paradise for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Now, let me tell you about the Aquatic Avengers. They are a squad of kids, as diverse and delightful as the state they come from. There's Bob "Bubblegum" Baxter, who can blow bubbles underwater that would put a pack of chewing gum to shame. And don't forget Suzy "Squid" Squiggles, who can swim as swiftly and silently as a cephalopod on a secret mission. These kids are as fearless as they are funny. They dive headfirst into icy lakes in the winter, and even when the waves rise high, you can see their giggling faces bobbing up and down in the foamy froth. They embrace the cold like a rough, rowdy, really wet bear hug! They love swimming more than they love ice cream. And let me tell you, New Hampshire kids REALLY love their ice cream. In the water, they are as unstoppable as a moose charging through the woods. In a nutshell, the Aquatic Avengers of New Hampshire are a wild, wacky, and wondrous bunch. They turn swimming into a grand adventure, making the lakes, ponds, and ocean of their lovely state their personal playground. So, if you ever find yourself in the Granite State, watch out for a bubble the size of a beach ball—it just might be Bob "Bubblegum" Baxter inviting you for a swim!

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best swimming programs in Wolfeboro, NH

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Swift Nature Camp is the perfect place for your child to spend their summer! Our overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-15 is located in beautiful Wisconsin. We offer a unique blend of traditional summer camp activities and environmental education to help kids increase their appreciation for nature, science, and the environment. We’ve got it all – fun, friendships, adventure trips, and nature! Spend your summer with us – you’ll never forget it!

Minong, WI 54859
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This is the perfect opportunity for your child to begin the transition to independence and explore new experiences outside of the home. Camp Birchmont provides a safe, supportive environment away from home, allowing children to grow and develop without worry. Our staff are committed to helping campers develop new skills and friendships while having a great time. Through a range of activities and programs, Camp Birchmont helps campers practice self-reliance and decision-making skills, as well as learning to work together as part of a team. We believe in providing a fun, safe place for children to experience new adventures and explore their interests. Our campers return home with a new sense of independence and a stronger connection with their peers.

Wolfeboro, NH 03894
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At Camp Bernadette, Camp Fatima, and Exceptional Citizens Week campers will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that foster active and creative play. Swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, and team-building activities are just a few of the many activities available. These activities are designed to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among campers and staff. We believe that the camping experience should be joyful and filled with meaningful memories. We strive to create an environment that promotes respect and acceptance of all individuals. We hope that each camper and staff member will leave with a sense of belonging and an appreciation for the Catholic faith that binds us all together.

Wolfeboro, NH 03894