Once upon a time, in the land of New Hampshire, affectionately known as NH, there existed a vibrant tribe of young gymnastics enthusiasts. The Granite State, as NH is lovingly known for its abundant rocks, was a home to these dynamic kids whose energy could match that of the state's roaring rivers and towering mountains! The tribe was led by none other than Stickit, the talking squirrel, who was a former Olympic gymnast in his own right. Stickit had the gift of the gab and a belly full of laughter. Even though he had four furry legs instead of two, he could perform gymnastics moves that left the kids in awe. When Stickit somersaulted, it was as if the wind itself was holding its breath, and when he cartwheeled, the pine trees themselves seemed to cheer him on! The children from all over NH loved hanging out with Stickit, practicing their flips and somersaults. From the bustling streets of Manchester to the serene spaces of White Mountain National Forest, every child tried to imitate Stickit's moves, leading to some amusing sights. Little Emma from Portsmouth once did a backflip and landed on a pile of maple leaves. And then there was Benny from Concord, who tried to do a split and got stuck between two pumpkins! But the laughter, the fun, and the spirit of Gymnastics that Stickit brought to the kids of NH made the state a lively, happy place, where every tumble was a tale, and every flip a celebration. So the next time you hear a giggle from a gym in New Hampshire, remember, it might just be Stickit and his gang having another fun-filled day!

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best gymnastics programs in Salem, NH

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. Parents, if you’re looking to get your little one involved in the sport of gymnastics, look no further than our competitive and recreational team program! Our program features all four Olympic events, plus two spring floors for an extra bounce. Returning members, log in as a member already with an account using the email provided when signing up. If you’ve forgotten your password, click “forgot password” to be sent a link to reset and create a new one. Gymnastics is a great activity for kids of all skill levels, and our team program is the perfect place to start. Our program is outfitted with all the necessary equipment for beginners to advanced gymnasts. Whether your goal is to compete or just have fun, we have the resources to help your child reach their goals. Don’t hesitate to jump into our competitive and recreational team program today!

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