In the quirky, cool state of Massachusetts, where clam chowder has its own fan club and where 'wicked' is an adjective, there's a special group of kids who have traded their baseball bats and ballet shoes for gears and gizmos. These are the Robo-Munchkins, the fun-loving, brainy kids who've found their happy place in the whirring, bleeping, and clanking world of robotics. The leader of this wicked cool group is Bleep-Bloop-Benny, a jolly, freckle-faced ten-year-old with an uncanny knack for turning old toasters into talking robots. Benny, sporting a baseball cap worn backwards and a tool belt around his waist, often seen with a screwdriver in one hand and a Boston cream pie in the other, leads this motley crew of robot rascals. And then, there's Gearhead-Grace, a feisty eight-year-old with pigtails that bob when she argues about the superiority of hydraulic actuators over electric motors. She's known for her invention of a donut-making robot, which keeps the Robo-Munchkins fueled during their late-night invention sessions. Oh, and let's not forget Whiz-Bang-Will, the master of robot dance-offs; and Jigsaw-Jane, the queen of robotic puzzles, with her magical ability to see how all the pieces fit together. These whip-smart, robotics-obsessed kids from Massachusetts don't just build robots; they invent companions, tell stories, and solve problems that even adults find perplexing. And while other kids dream of becoming sports stars or pop singers, the Robo-Munchkins are busy programming their way to a future where humans and robots live, work, and eat Boston cream pie together. Now, that's wicked cool!

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At 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, campers entering grades 5 to 11 can explore their passions, make lifelong friendships, and build a community. From robotics and coding to 3D printing and film-making, campers can develop their skills and interests in a supportive, playful, and curious environment. With a low camper-to-staff ratio, our campers have ample opportunity to explore, collaborate, and create. At 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, we believe that every camper should have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a technology-focused summer camp experience. With our highly trained staff, engaging activities, and a commitment to safety and fun, campers can make the most of their summer and take away lasting memories.

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