Once upon a time, in the small but mighty state of Connecticut, nestled between the hustle and bustle of New York and the historic charm of Massachusetts, there lived a bunch of super artistic and incredibly imaginative kids. These weren’t your regular paintbrush-wielding kids, oh no! These were the CT Art Wizards, and they had the magical power of turning ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. The leader of these Art Wizards was a cool, quirky character named Doodly Dabster. With sparkling green eyes and hair as orange as a sunset, Doodly was always ready with his magic paintbrush that could create anything he imagined! With a twirl and a swish, he could paint from the colors of the rainbow or even from shades that didn't exist yet. Connecticut, with its vibrant autumn leaves, sparkling snow-covered landscapes, and sunny seaside views, served as the perfect inspiration for these young artists. They turned the stunning state parks into detailed landscape paintings, the historic buildings into charming watercolor illustrations, and the colorful birds into goofy caricatures that always brought out a chuckle. Just like the state itself, which beautifully blends the traditional with the modern, these kids could create a fusion of art styles in a snap. One moment they'd be channeling their inner Picassos with abstract art, the next, they'd be creating vibrant graffiti like modern street artists. With the CT Art Wizards around, every day in the state of Connecticut was like a magical art adventure! After all, in the world of art, anything is possible!

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The Mattatuck Museum is a vibrant center of art and history dedicated to encouraging a deeper understanding of ourselves and our heritage. Since 1877, the museum has preserved the rich history of the Naugatuck Valley and the artists of Connecticut. Through transformative experiences, the museum nurtures creativity and learning in a welcoming space for all. Families and visitors of all ages are invited to explore the art and culture of the Mattatuck Museum. From exhibitions to educational programs, the museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating American art and cultural history. Special events are held throughout the year to provide visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the past and present of the Naugatuck Valley. The Mattatuck Museum creates an environment where creativity and learning come together. Through its collections, exhibitions, and events, the museum seeks to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our heritage. Established in 1877, the museum continues to be a gathering place that celebrates the history and culture of the Naugatuck Valley and the artists of Connecticut.

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