In the whimsical world of Worthington Wobblebottom, nestled within the heart of the charming and energetic state of Connecticut, a peculiar spectacle unfolds. Connecticut, fondly known as CT, is a state enclosed by the enchanting sounds of the Atlantic Ocean's whispers and the rustling leaves of the tall, proud trees that adorn its landscapes. This state is teeming with delightful towns, magical meadows, and kids with hearts filled with the enchanting melody of theater and drama. Our hero, Worthington Wobblebottom, a spunky, bowtie-wearing, top hat-toting otter, who's an acclaimed director, arrives here to discover an extraordinary band of children. These aren't ordinary kids, oh no-siree. They are the Drama Dynamos of CT, a lively bunch with a taste for theatrics and a penchant for performance. When these kids say 'break a leg', they don't mean it literally, of course! It's just their funny way of wishing good luck before a show. Under the guidance of Wobblebottom, the kids don't just act. They transform into knights and princesses, aliens and astronauts, lions and mice, and everything in between. Why, you'd hardly believe little Tommy, usually so quiet, could become a fearsome pirate, or that Sarah, with her sweet smile, could convincingly play a cackling witch. And when the curtain falls, they transform back into normal kids, albeit ones who have just had the adventure of a lifetime. CT thus becomes not just a state on a map, but a wonderland where every day holds the promise of a new story, a new character, and a new chance to step into someone else's shoes. Or paws, if you're playing Worthington Wobblebottom himself!

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best theater-drama programs in Lakeville, CT

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Swift Nature Camp is the perfect place for your child to spend their summer! Our overnight camp for boys and girls ages 6-15 is located in beautiful Wisconsin. We offer a unique blend of traditional summer camp activities and environmental education to help kids increase their appreciation for nature, science, and the environment. We’ve got it all – fun, friendships, adventure trips, and nature! Spend your summer with us – you’ll never forget it!

Minong, WI 54859
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At Camp Sloane, we understand the importance of creating a safe and supportive environment that encourages campers to learn and grow. Our mission is to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through character-based programs that positively impact the lives of campers and staff. We foster a community that builds healthy spirit, mind, and body for all and creates a space for cooperation, inclusion, trust, growth, loyalty, and perseverance. We are committed to preparing campers for a bright future by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed in all aspects of life. Through our activities and programs, campers learn the values of hard work and perseverance. We strive to create a space where campers can be their essential selves, explore their creativity, and develop meaningful relationships. At Camp Sloane, we are dedicated to providing an enriching experience for campers and staff alike. Our programs are designed to bring out the best in our campers and staff and to instill lifelong values. We strive to empower our campers to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Lakeville, CT 06039